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After the initial repairs are done, you want to trust that your auto body repair service center will handle your paint, refinish, and polishing job as professionally as possible. Just one obvious error in this step can make a vehicle look terrible. You don’t have to worry if you deal with us at Premium Collision Repair Service. We go the extra mile to achieve a fresh “out of the factory” look using our professional certified auto paint refinishing and painting professionals.

Why Choose Us

Refinishing State-of-the-Art Facility

We have a beautiful well-lighted state-of-the-art repair facility with the highest quality equipment that includes six prep stations listed below:

  • Heated Blowtherm
  • Downdraft Paint and Bake Booths
  • Blowtherm air suctioned paint mix room
  • Computerized Paint Matching
  • GFS Global Finishing Solutions Station
  • Mixing System

With all of this superior level technology and know-how, you know that your vehicle is in good hands! If that’s not enough, we have a lifetime warranty with all of our repair work so you can rest easy.

Auto Body Paints

Auto body paint varies by the type you use. Solvent-based paints use a petrochemical product which are released volatile organic compounds that are released into the atmosphere. Water-based paints are less toxic and just as effective and durable. At Premium Collision, we use water-borne paints because we care about the environment just as much as we care about you, our valued customer and our staff.

We use the best possible products that are earth and environment-friendly. While real science disputes the idea of true “global warming” and “climate change,” we don’t want to take any chances or contribute to the problem in any way. That’s why we choose to use water-based chemicals that are safe to the environment. We also care about our staff and don’t want them to be exposed to dangerous fumes. The results you will get are the same as if we had used petro-based chemicals.

Color Matching Difficulties

One of the biggest challenges auto body repair technicians face is to match the color of a vehicle exactly. We know it is also one of the biggest worries that car owners have as well. You can rest easy when you deal with us at Premium Collision Repair. We take our time and use the highest level technology to test and check to make sure the paint will match perfectly with your original factor paint.

Like all of our processes, we check with manufacturer information to make sure we don’t make a mistake in this process.

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is matched with two-coat or a three-coat process. We create, mix, and blend paint to like-new standards and all in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications for your specific vehicle. You can’t get anything better unless you had the manufacturer make you a new car!

Again, we are not satisfied unless you are. And we back up all of our work with our guarantee.

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