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We are most known for our auto body services and collision repair. Premium Collision Center’s ASE-certified estimators will give you the professional blueprints to help you see the specific repairs we are going to make to restore your vehicle to new condition. It is scientifically-based and utilizes cutting-edge computerized graphics and digital photos. We can even submit these blueprints to your insurance company for you. Then they cannot argue about how much the repair should cost. You will know exactly what the repairs will cost based on these custom blueprints and our cost list.

Program Overview

We use the best quality parts for your vehicle repair jobs and we use AI and modern technology to help us determine what the best parts will be for your repair job. Our system then automatically preorders the necessary parts, making sure that the parts we order are all certified and up to standards.

We are linked with the following brands during this process to ensure that we get original, quality parts:

  • Honda
  • Acura
  • Hyundai
  • GMC
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Fiat
  • Jeep
  • Dodge
  • Buick
  • Chrysler

If you do not see your car manufacturer in this list, never fear, because we also deal with others. Call us to find out more. We are also a Nissan-certified collision repair center.

Wait Time

We cannot predict how long a particular job will take from the time you bring it in. But we can assure you that we will get your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. While we work on your vehicle, Premium Collision has a comfortable waiting room where you can relax while your estimate for repairs if being prepared for your approval. We know that no one likes surprises when it comes to car repair bills, so we always give you an estimate before we start work.

There is a five-mile shuttle bus we offer as a service if you do not have a ride to come pick up your vehicle once it is finished.

This is just another example of how we use all of the resources we have at our disposal to make the entire process more comfortable and convenient for our customers.

No Paperwork for Customers

Another convenience we offer our customers is that you do not have to do any of the paperwork yourself to complete your repair claim. We work hand-in-hand with most of the common insurers to make sure you get what you need, including a rental car to use while we do the repairs if it takes longer than a day.

Your insurance deductible is only due after the completion of the work.

How We Do Estimations

It is critical to create a blueprint of the repair because this ensures you that any structural damage that occurred during the accident is discovered and repaired. Some body shops overlook this critical step, but not us. We use I-Car/ASE-certified staff who continually undergo training that allows them to stay on top of the repair process.

Why We Go to So Much Trouble

We draw out repair blueprints before giving you an estimate so that there is never any doubt as to how we arrived at the total. It also serves as a numbers-based reliable estimate that you can take to your insurance adjuster or insurance company and it will stand up in court, if need be. That’s because our people have the highest level of expertise and certifications for repair so we would be considered “expert witnesses” if the need arose.

Sticking to this precision-based technical process also ensures that we offer only the best quality repairs for our customers, rather than just using guesswork to get the job done, which can result in serious errors.

Our Pricing Structure

Premium Collison Center offers fair price structures that are backed up by blueprint plans that identify any structural body damage that would otherwise have been missed, potentially making the vehicle dangerous to drive. We care about our customers and we make sure we handle it as though it was our own car.

Minimizing the Risk

At Premium Collision, we take care of the safety of our customer first. When we measure your vehicle to create a blueprint and make all of the necessary tests for alignment and other issues, we double-check every aspect to make sure we have not missed anything.

That’s why we use a sophisticated measurement system. Our certified auto technicians use these measurements to decide which alignments your vehicle may have sustained in the course of the accident, then devise a plan to fix it.

Once we have made the measurements, we create a printout of your vehicle to show what needs to be repaired along with an estimate of the cost of the replacement parts and hours of labor that will be required. We want to make sure that we do the repairs in accordance with the vehicle safety standards to get you safely on the road again.

Lean UX

You may have heard the term “Lean UX” in technology circles. It refers to the idea that it’s best to test the situation or products first to make sure it is created with the best quality tools and materials accessible. That’s similar to what we do with your auto repairs. By going through this predetermined process of upfront blueprinting, we will know ahead of time what is needed to fix your vehicle in the most timely method possible. We work directly with your insurance company and manufacturing company, whenever necessary so that we know we are in compliance with manufacturer standards.

By doing this ahead of time, we save precious time and avoid many problems that might occur otherwise. Our work is 100% guaranteed.
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