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Our mechanical repair department is top-of-the-line because we always put our customers’ best interest first. We know your number one goal is to get back on the road as quickly as possible and we work hard to help you achieve that. We are backed by all of the major manufacturers as listed on our main page.

Don’t Wait

You don’t want to risk your car’s health by postponing repairs that may jeopardize your car’s safety and health. Car dealers recommend that the best way to save money on your vehicle purchases is to take care of the one you have. Performing the required maintenance and repair work will keep you from spending more money “down the road,” if you’ll pardon the pun. Getting your car maintained from a certified mechanic shop like Premium Collision is your best investment.

Common Issues to have Checked

Premium Collision in Van Nuys deals with any common repair issues, as well as other problems your vehicle may experience over time. Be aware of any changes in your vehicle performance and take it to a certified mechanic if you notice anything amiss. We handle any type of mechanical or auto body repair jobs including brake inspections and brake jobs, alignments, tires, and many more.

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