Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the FAQs (frequently asked questions) that we most often get from our customers. If any of these questions do not answer your concerns, please contact us.

If my car is in an accident, what should I do next?

Call 911 immediately, keeping your vehicle in its current location, unless it is dangerous to do so. If it is in the line of traffic, move it to a safe location on the side of the roadway. Call the police to report the accident and get information from any witnesses in case you need to contact them later. If your car is undrivable, call Premium Collision Repair for a tow.

Do not take the blame for the accident. Let the police make a decision on who (if anyone was at fault), as this can affect the amount you get on your insurance claim.

What rights do I have regarding an accident?

You have the right to use a towing service to have your car taken to a designated location for repairs. We will tow your vehicle at Premium Collision and we’ll work with your insurance company to help you get the claim going and get it repaired as quickly as we can. Call us if you have an accident at 818-875-2200.

What is the best choice of body shops?

Do some searching to determine what is important to you. But if you want fast, efficient, certified mechanics and auto body repair, contact us at Premium Collision. We follow a specific and tested process to determine what needs to be done following a collision. We provide specific estimates based on this scientific and computer-based process so it is virtually impenetrable in court.

What can I expect to encounter during the repairs process?

If your vehicle is driveable, you can drive it into our repair shop yourself. If not, you can have it towed by us. Our trained and certified estimation specialists will examine your vehicle for any type of damage and remove the damaged parts to examine them further. We order all parts that are needed, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, then schedule the repairs. At that time, well assign a pickup date so you’ll know exactly when to expect it to be ready.

We also handle all of the paperwork with your insurance company so you won’t have to. The insurance company is billed directly and the deductible and any other fees will be due when you pick it up.

Can someone explain the estimate to me?

Premium Collision of Van Nuys will show you the details of the inspection and the work that is estimated based on the cost of parts and labor. The fees will be listed that are the insurance company’s responsibility, which is listed separately from the fees that you pay us. There are fees that are not listed and the estimate is thorough and complete. Someone can explain your estimate to you when we complete it if you need them to do so. Just ask.

How do I know my deductible or when it is used?

The best source to find out what your deductible is would be your insurance company. You need to know what your deductible is and how it applies to various situations. Your deductible will be billed once the repairs are done. This is the part that you pay and the insurance company pays the rest.

How do I know the definition of a quality repair?

A quality repair is a repair that meets or exceeds the expectations of the auto industry. One test is whether it passes the I-CAR and ASA certified technicians organizations’ standards, who are trained in the latest technology for quality repair. It must include a complete inside and outside inspection as well as vehicle detail and a test drive. At Premium Collision, we follow all of these standards so you know you are getting a top-quality repair.

What does my warranty cover?

Warranties can be confusing, but read the fine print as it will tell you what is available and where it applies as well as the length of time it is covering. You also need to find out what it covers. Not all parts and labor are covered by a warranty. The warranty is supposed to be backed by the manufacturer, so you should choose a collision repair shop that follows manufacturers’ standards, not the car dealership. That’s what we do at Premium Collision Repair.

What if my vehicle has storm damage?

Storm damage falls under the “acts of God” category which means that it is only covered under “comprehensive” insurance coverage. To file a claim if you have this coverage, report the damage and take photos of the damaged vehicle, including any water or hail damage or other aspects. Do not drive a vehicle that has been flood damaged until it has had a proper inspection.

How do I maintain the repairs and care for my vehicle afterwards?

Take care to not wash your vehicle in direct sun. This can cause colors to fade both inside and out.
Make sure and rinse off excess dirt before applying soap and water.
Wash through a professional car wash when possible.
Detail your car once per year.
Wash and rinse off thoroughly if exposed to salty conditions such as a beach area.
Never wax in direct sun.
Rinse off any chemicals that accidentally spill on the surface such as gasoline or anti-freeze as soon as possible to avoid possible damage to the paint.
Make sure to remove excess leaves during the Fall from the surface of your vehicle.